Logistics Specialist (Inventory Management)

MOBIS Alabama, LLC’s Georgia Plant, located in West Point, Georgia is a Tier 1 supplier to Kia Motors
Manufacturing Georgia, LLC (KMMG). The Georgia plant was established on May 17, 2007. MOBIS Georgia is a
three (3) shift manufacturing operation that assembles the four major modules (Front Chassis, Rear Chassis,
Cockpit, Front End) and the front and rear bumpers for the three (3) vehicles produced by KMMG.
Expectations: Accomplish day to day tactical objectives in support of the company and the department goals.
Demonstrates adherence to company policies and procedures in support of safety, quality, delivery, cost and
morale (SQDCM) initiatives. Embrace and promotes company core values to establish and maintain a culture
committed to ethical practices, legal compliance and a union-free environment. Takes initiative to participate
in training and developing opportunities to prepare for current and future challenges.

Role(s): Support the Logistics Team through scheduling deliveries, control out-sourcing WH, manage material
stock level, resolving customer issues and reporting.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities:
· Manage warehouse storage optimization and material management
– Responsible to manage all aspects of materials flow and to maintain control and accuracy over
all goods inventories, including all transactions, planning, scheduling, cost, warehouse, receiving,
and shipping.
– Performs analysis of customer demand, historical material usage, and forecast plans.
– Establish and implement methods and best practices related to the systems and process that
support inventory, forecasting, purchasing, and material control.
– Ensure that customer orders are fulfilled on time
– Prepares customer delivery reports by analyzing and summarizing information and information
to proactively communicate potential late deliveries.
– Establishes and supervises scheduling activities by monitoring material inventories, tracking
progress of ddelivery and reviewing factors that affect schedules.
– Establish, implement, and manage system to evaluate, monitor and report supplier scorecard
– Coordinate and work with quality, engineering, machining and assembly operations to ensure
100% on-time delivery by establishing and monitoring schedule to proactively identify and address
any issues.
– Responsible for accuracy of inventory counts by implementing and managing.
· Improve and manage 5S in supplier warehouses.
· Manage monthly invoices, inventory management invoices and closing costs.
· Participate in the C-TPAT, ISO, and GTQ programs.
· Other tasks as assigned


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