Job Introduction

To perform duties necessary to maintain and improve the integrity of the E-Coat process.

Major Responsibilities

1)Follow and enforce all plant safety rules and policies.
2)Understand and promote company’s philosophies and Employee’s Charter.
3)Establish and maintain communication with other team members and support departments.
4)Follow Standard Operating Procedures established for each workstation.
5)Maintain integrity of quality to ensure finished product meets or exceeds company standards.
6) Perform routine maintenance of operating systems as needed.
7) Run the e-coat system (loading racks & put in the correct program, operate conveyors, hoist) and respond to process equipment alarms.
8) Assist Maintenance with PM’s, when racks come off of the hoist while in process tanks, and when racks crash in the oven.
9) Perform start-up and visual inspection of E-Coat system.
10) Perform bag filter changes
11) Clean and/or replace UF filters on E-coat system.
12) Daily documentation of operating parameters on E-Coat system every four hours.
13) Assist E-Coat personnel in the transfer and clean-out and refill of chemistry and rinse stages of E-Coat system.
14) Load out hazardous and non-hazardous waste pickups.
15) Load empty totes into trailer, unload chemical totes as needed.
16) Monitor and adjust cartridge loading system for E-Coat.
17) Adjust recipes as needed for special runs.
18) Monitor and record line downtime.
19) Monitor and record line production by program with volumes.
20) Perform E-Coat rework when necessary.
21) Support the engineering team with E-Coat prototypes, packing parts for shipping and buy-offs.
22) Record production numbers.
23) Run sludge filter presses daily, dump and clean, dump sludge into sludge roll off.
24) Prepare manifest for sludge roll off pickup weekly.
25) Clean heat exchangers monthly or as needed on all heated stages.
26) Clean all process tank screens weekly.
27) Change bag filters each shift on E-Coat systems and 3 times a week on cleaner stages.
28) Monitor and document boiler operations.
29) Monitor and document all hydraulic pump operations.
30) Monitor and document all oven operations.
31) Monitor and document all recirculation and transfer pumps on E-Coat system.
32) Perform an inventory count for chemicals, etc. on a monthly basis.
33) Perform inventory counts on all bag filters and roll media on a monthly basis.
34) Analyze and interpret critical performance criteria.
35) Administer ISO 14001 policies.
36) Make recommendations for system improvements.
37) Support continuous improvement and lean manufacturing processes.

Knowledge and Education

High School Diploma or GED required.
Post-secondary education preferred, or related experience.

Work Experience

Minimum of 1 year experience in a manufacturing environment preferred.

Skills and Competencies
• Ability to distinguish between color shades
• Understanding of chemistry to perform EDP/Wastewater analysis
• Forklift Certification
• Training to sign manifests
• Climb ladders at a height of 20 feet or more, and handle a drum dolly and maneuver 55 gallon drums
• Computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel preferred
• Operate standard office equipment preferred

Work Environment
• Ability to lift up to a weight of 40 pounds
• Ability to sit and stand for prolonged periods of time, and occasional bending and stooping.