1. Exhibit superior safety practices every day evidenced by outstanding housekeeping at all times.
  2. Extend treatment to all other employees of the Company as individuals with the courtesy and dignity shown to customers.
  3. Exceed customer quality and service expectations through attention to detail.
  4. Exercise maximum care to protect the environment by fostering and supporting responsible operating procedures.
Design casting and tooling using 3D modeling software to meet quality and cost goals.
Complete simulation analysis to optimize designs.
Compile the design related items for the APQP documents.
Assist in the cost estimating process.
Participate in the sampling and evaluations of tooling.
Follow up and assist in the resolution of production problems related to tooling.
Participate with Design Reviews, APQP, Continuous Improvement and Sample meetings.
Maintain CAD work stations (hardware & software).
Maintain and control CAD models and blueprint data.
Maintain open communications with employees and work with employees to mutually resolve problems to enhance morale and promote a union-free environment.
Maintain conformance with Company policies, work rules and regulations, coaching employees and /or initiating disciplinary actions, as required.
Maintain awareness of improved operational methods, production processes, or equipment which improve quality and efficiency and reduce cost.
Enforce the proper use of safety equipment and maintain departmental housekeeping to produce a safe work environment.
Coach employees to reinforce safe work practices.

Position: Engineer, Product, M07X

1. Educational Requirements High school diploma plus apprenticeship or related associate degree, or equivalent.
2. Experience Requirements Three to five years experience.
3. Functional Complexity Perform and coordinate professional level work or creative projects.
4. Character of Supervision Advanced technical level assignments of a diverse nature.
5. Number/Status of Employees Supervised Administrative supervision of a secondary departmental function.
6. Responsibility for Systems, Procedures, Controls Apply several available methods. Requires analysis and adaptation.
7. Responsibility for Assets May incur serious losses.
8. Responsibility for Contacts Internal contacts on controversial/technical matters. General external contacts.
9. Responsibility for Trust, Confidential Data Work with and access confidential data. Access to articles of moderate cost.
10. Environment General office working conditions, infrequent shop exposure or travel 10-30% of time.
11. Hazards Occasional exposure to accident or health hazards.
12. Functional Level Responsibility Professional


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