The Press Tool & Die Maker (Class “A”) is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of Class “A” tooling improvements and troubleshooting draw and surface issues along with advising and knowledge sharing with Class “A” Toolmakers, Press Line Supervisors and Press Line Lead Hands, and developing draw die recipe standards. The Press Tool & Die Maker will also train Tool & Die Apprentices in their Class “A” skill development. Expertise in formability, surface, dimensional, circle grid analysis, forming limit diagrams, and tornado line/character line quality maintenance is required. Along with these responsibilities, the Press Tool & Die Maker (Class “A”) will also build, fabricate, and repair dies, tooling, fixtures, and other components and troubleshoot production part quality issues as necessary to ensure the support of the plant production.

• Follow and enforce all safety policies and procedures
• Understanding of work-hardening in aluminum
• Understanding of flange die radius requirements for flat hem and modified tope of aluminum panels
• Proven ability in aluminum trim die setup including steel entry standards and trap points
• Demonstrate expertise in Class “A” formability, thinning analysis, circle grid analysis, draw bead configuration, binder development punch opening changes and implement into tooling.
• 100% spot of tornado/character line expertise
• Proven ability of Class “A” punch finishing
• Demonstrate expertise on Class “A” surface, punch finishing, fine spotting, troubleshooting surface quality issues and implementing corrections, stoning, highlighting and perform changes to meet customer expectations in tooling.
• Demonstrate expertise on Class “A” dimensional changes, reading and interpretation of dimensional reports, understanding customer requirements and implementing surface dimensional changes.
• Demonstrate expertise in Class “A” aluminum production, formability, trimming and maintenance on aluminum tools.
• Services, maintains, and tests new or changed dies, capable of implementing and maintaining a preventative maintenance program on Class “A” tooling.
• Performs scheduled preventative maintenance on all tooling and follows up on PM and tracking sheets.
• Capable to perform Class “A” die design reviews, direct tooling changes, and review A/B layouts for compatibility.
• Understanding of draw die development including requirements for die tip, initial punch contact and spring back
• Travel to outside tool shops for die buy-off duties
• Experience in Class “A” Die build follow up and die buy-offs at suppliers.
• Proficiently operates a variety of small machines, tools and equipment.
• Troubleshoots for problems during production on all production lines.
• Modifies dies and tooling to conform to engineering changes.
• Maintain good housekeeping practices.
• Responsible for all in-house tooling, coordinating all new tooling equipment.
• Responsible for interim and long-term problem solving involving tandem press line, dies, and press line automation.
• Coordinating all customer engineering activities as it relates to tooling, engineering quotations, schedule change in die shop, follow up, tracking time used for cost-effectiveness, and record keeping for all such changes.
• Responsible for working with customers on all product improvements and product concerns.
• Lead and direct toolmakers on day-to-day work to be performed on tools.
• Lead and direct Apprentices in Class “A” tooling skills development.
• Promote good housekeeping
• Perform all other duties as required

• A 4 Year apprentice trade certificate in Tool & Die making (or 8 years equivalent combination of education and experience in Class “A” tooling build and development.)
• Experience as described

Must be available for any shift

Pay $25+ per hour DOE

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