Start Up

1. Attend Team Leader start up meeting, give daily direction to Coordinators and Team leaders.
2. Attend daily weld meeting standing in front of your associates, along with confirming daily meeting
presentation info. Ensure all associates are wearing proper PPE
3. Make sure any In-house or customer quality issues have been communicated to the team.
4. Ensure to preform Genba walk at start of shift to ensure shop is in order.
5. Gather Daily attendance and communicate the info to the Weld Manager
6. Guarantee the Manpower has been placed properly

During Shift

1.Respond to any potential safety concerns IMMEDIATELY and implement countermeasure activity ensuring a
Safety 5P’s are completed by Weld Coordinators, T/L’s and any effected associates.
2. Preform at minimal 1 quality check audit every 2 hrs and record on Managers Report.
3. Conduct Production Status Meeting every 2hrs to identify which lines are not at pace. Confirm status of
plan vs actual at the line and implement any countermeasures necessary.
4.Ensure proper 5S activity is being preformed daily.
5. Lead Daily Genba activity at 12 pm ensuring Coordinator Walkthroughs are completed properly. (Lead Weld
Production Group)
6. Continually drive improvement of all areas to achieve safety, quality and delivery targets.
7. Audit and Monitor any daily change point items. Audit both Coordinator reports from the previous day.
8. Continue to monitor all inventories on subs and shipping parts informing Manager of any low inventories or
shipping concerns.
9. Follow all call standards for all equipment downtime.
10. Hold Coordinators responsible for ensuring not only do they adhere to the lunch and break times but their
associates are returning to work areas on time. (Line Efficiency)

11.To ensure all investigation info is communicated properly in the 12:30 pm Daily Quality Meetings.
12. Complete all QD presentation info on a weekly basis to K group.
13. Complete all QD info required by HMA.
14. Ensure proper training is implemented in all areas the Weld department. (Lead Training Group)
15. Assist the Weld Manager in budget activity.

16. Strengthen Weld Front Line Management .
17. Promote all daily Improvement Activities / Keep records and evaluate results reporting to the Weld

18. Monitor all Yearly Project Activity and ensure Efficiency Activity from Business Plan is being followed by
Coordinators and Team leaders

End of Shift

1. Complete Daily Managers report.
2. At the last break production pace check, confirm if any overtime is needed due to shipping
concerns. Assistant Manager must Approve all Overtime.
3. Audit scrap and repair end of shift standards are being carried out by T/L or Coordinator.
4. Ensure all important items are communicated to the next shift.


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